Battleship USS Alabama

For many years we have traveled through Mobile, Alabama on the way to Florida. And each year we  said we would stop and tour the USS Alabama one day. A few years back we actually did it. Wow! What a ship. You can even tour all the way down below the turrets, five levels deep. The USS Alabama, in addition to its service during WW II, played a part in the 1992 movie Under Siege with Steven Seagal. Although the film was set aboard the USS Missouri, all the interior sequences were filmed aboard the Alabama. Visit here for more information on the Alabama and Battleship Memorial Park.

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  1. anna says:

    GREAT photo, Tim!

  2. Daryl Clark says:

    Another astonishing photo Tim. I love the ominous feeling of the battleship and the clouds. Almost like it is coming at you.

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