Legos Anyone?

When I was a just a little tike, the cool thing to have was Tinker Toys. You could build all kinds of things from those thin wooden sticks and connectors. I was a little too early for the hi-tech version, Legos. Legos have come a long way since they came out and only available as basic building blocks.

These days, you can build cool things like a space shuttle or a castle with the shiny plastic blocks. Blocks and a whole lot more. Little people, vehicles and all kinds of add-ons to make your building experience a time to enjoy. And colors? Wow, just think of it and you can probably find it.

You can build a space shuttle or a castle with the shiny plastic blocks called Legos. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

3 Responses to Legos Anyone?

  1. Daryl Clark says:

    This is the Lego store in the Houston Mall? I saw it in your other photo and was wondering how I could get my wife to fly me to Houston just for this store. How funny. It brings back lots of memories of hours of building stuff.

  2. Kris Koeller says:

    I love legos. Its the only toy any kid could ever need. Want something else? Make it out of Legos. Nice shot.

  3. Marc Collins says:

    Wow Lego brings back memories for me!
    Nice capture Tim

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