Sea Oats

I’m not a plant expert, but we’ve always been told that the tall grass on the beach was called sea oats. They plant them to help prevent erosion of the dunes between the surf and the community. Because of their slow growth, they frown on tourists walking through or playing anywhere near them.  

They’re not the prettiest plant around. They’re tall and lanky, but hardy and stout. So even the least can serve an important purpose. You don’t have to be a rose to be held in high regard.  

Sea Oats

4 Responses to Sea Oats

  1. Adam Allegro says:

    Beautiful, peaceful image Tim! That horizon seems like it is on fire, and i especially like the silhouttes in the foreground. Well done!

  2. Kris Koeller says:

    Love this. I like the simplicity of it. The colors are intense, but not over the top. Well done.

  3. Marc Collins says:

    Really like the colours in this. Can’t go wrong with a sunset!

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