Acting A Little Squirrely

It seems like the smaller the subject is for the camera, the more skill and patience it takes. These little antelope ground squirrels (and I mean little, no more than 6 inches) would scamper about like big mice, only to sit still for a second or two.

Just when you get the lens pointed in their general direction, they were off again, like a woman late for a shoe sale.. You had no idea which way they would turn and run either. At least you know where the shoe department is.


A squirrel watching cautiously.

One thought on “Acting A Little Squirrely

  1. “…like a woman late for a shoe sale…”- love that description. I remember going to the International Quilt Show for the first time. Initially, I stood in the the middle of the exhibit having a sensory overload. I found myself turning in circles not sure which direction to go when I finally just instructed my brain to make a decision to move in one direction, any direction. I know exactly how this little squirrel feels.

    Your pictures either make me sigh and relax, remind me of favorite memories, say “Wow”, laugh, or want to go somewhere. Keep up the good work!

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