Jesus Saves Again

I really don’t want to start shooting the same subjects more than once, but some locations just look different each time you visit them. 

I live far enough from downtown Houston, that I don’t go there unless I have a very good reason. On this evening, a friend had ask me to meet him there to shoot a few photos of he and his girlfriend. Since I arrived too early, for fear I wouldn’t know where to park, I had some time to spend before they arrived. Since it was close, it gave me a chance to revisit a few spots I had shot last summer, including the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. It was much earlier in the evening on this trip, so the light was totally different.  

Comparing to last year’s photo, I think my photo style may have evolved a bit. I tend to process my photos a bit differently than I did last year and maybe even see things in the camera slightly different too. I suppose that’s the nature of any type of art form. It’s subjective and constantly changing.

Maybe I’ll have to visit here again next summer.

Recently, I had a chance to revisit a few spots I had shot last summer, including the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.  Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

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