Halls of Influence

Since our country is relatively young compared to the rest of the world, the influence of other cultures can be seen in our architecture, especially in early federal government buildings and structures.

The Jefferson Building, the first separate Library of Congress building, was opened to the public in 1897. The Library’s design was based on the Paris Opera House and was unparalleled in national achievement. More than 40 painters and sculptors decorated the facade and interior, surpassing European libraries in its devotion to classical culture. 

This is one of the upstair hallways off the main atrium of the Jefferson Building. Here are a few other images from the Library of Congress.


More than 40 painters and sculptors decorated the facade and interior of the Jefferson Building. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.


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2 thoughts on “Halls of Influence

  1. Nice image, Tim. I really have to capture more of the sights of DC. I pass by so many of them nearly every day and yet do not have a decent shot to show for it.

    1. It would be fun to go back and spend a week or more, just taking my time to wandeer around; a national photowalk of sorts.

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