Honfleur, France

Leaving the Normandy countryside in northwestern France, our tour group stopped at a small fishing town on the Seine called Honfleur, close to the Port de Normandie. Full of the flavor of France, this town is a photographer’s dream. Known for its old, beautiful picturesque port, the colors and shapes of small shops and cafes contrast against old historic churches and the many boats in the harbor.

The weather was perfect the day we visited and we had time to wonder about. It was one of the few stops where we could relax and soak in the local ambiance, truly feeling like we were indeed in France.


Full of the flavor of France, Honfleur is a photographer's dream, The old, beautiful picturesque port, small shops and cafes contrast the many boats in the harbor. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

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  1. Mark Summerfield says:

    This shot has all the trappings of a typical French, Dutch, Belgian fishing port. There is just something about the bright colored boats and the awnings on the shops in the background that, for me, give the area away.

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