July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July to everyone (at least those that live in the “States”. It’s a day to celebrate our country’s birthday and a good excuse to visit family and friends, eat a bit and watch some fireworks after sunset. 

My fireworks photo inventory is sorely lacking. I’m hoping to find a spot tonight and pull out the tripod for some colorful pyrotechnic displays. Not being a big fan of large crowds, the challenge then becomes where to go, without fighting all the people that gather at these displays. If you know of a diplay location, check out Google Maps to research the surrounding geography, then check the weather report so you can find a location up-wind from the fireworks. You don’t want to be shooting through smoke during the grand finale when the sky fills up with all that brilliant color.

This scene was after a baseball game one evening at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX.

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