Back in high school, a popular country song came out about Luckenbach, Texas. I didn’t even know where Luckenbach was and I’m guessing many others didn’t either. So during our Texas Hill Country Tour, I was all in when David Morefield insisted that we visit the booming metropolis of Luckenbach. (David did a good synopsis of our trip here).

On most mornings, it is probably very quiet and empty, but on this fall morning, the “Harvest Classic” motorcycle convention was gearing up. We arrived at sunrise with tents and campers all around. Vintage and new motorcycles were everywhere to be found too. Since it was still very early, most folks were looking for coffee or breakfast, but we were already checking out the General Store.

This old building has quite a history and I encourage you to read more about it.  Today, the front room is where you will find most items for sale, while the old post office/bar is in the back. They don’t deliver mail there anymore and it was too early to be selling beer, but there was still plenty to look at. Below is a shot of the bar area.

Luckenbach is a short drive from Fredericksburg, TX and worth the visit. And while it’s not a large place, I hear it’s still a great place to listen to live country music in the pure Texas tradition.


The back room of the Luckenbach "Post Office" and General Store. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

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