2013 - Tim Stanley Photography
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UP 1988

FEBRUARY 5, 2013
It is a cool winter evening as I sit writing this post and I can hear the train several miles away blowing its horn for the crossings. How appropriate.
Except for the little one that rides around at the zoo, I’ve never had the pleasure to ride on a train. Subways don’t count, since they don’t sound or look the same. Maybe one day I’ll hop aboard and see the sights from high above an observation deck.
This engine was caught at the Amtrak Station in downtown Houston. I was there to see Union Pacific 844 and walked around before the crowds got heavy. An engineer even invited us to step up inside another engine on a different track and look at the controls. It was pretty simple really, but to think you manage that much power is pretty cool from a manly point of view. I’ll post that some day soon.

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