2013 - Tim Stanley Photography
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The Road to Dover

Traveling on an airplane, train or bus can be a bit challenging, if for no other reason than lack of leg room. Such was the case on many of the coaches we took in Europe. Oh, they were nice enough, with reclining seats, large windows and more. But the “more” didn’t include a lot of leg room. This made it difficult to gain access to a camera bag between sites, especially if I was sitting next to my wife. My options were to hold the camera in my lap the entire time we traveled or pull out the iPhone. Much of the trip I did have my camera on the ready, but on a few days, I needed to relax a bit more and would pull the phone out if needed. Later in the trip our coach had fewer people, so everyone spread out some, giving an empty seat next to me for the camera bag.
The is the Dover Castle in England, taken with the iPhone just before we arrived. In good light, the iPhone can take some great images. It’s only in the lower light that it starts to have problems and increased noise levels.