Car Shows - Tim Stanley Photography
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Patience Pays Off
Shows and exhibits can be a lot of fun to view things at, but bad for photographers trying to catch the exhibits without all those pesky people walking in front of your camera. And then there are those walking behind the exhibit with their heads popping over the top of whatever you're trying to shoot. My biggest pet peeve are those who walk up and stand there, just as you get your tripod ready and about to hit the shutter release. You must have accidental turned on your cloaking device, because even though they might look right at you, they act like you aren't even there. The moment you give up and leave, they do too. I've actually had a few folks follow me as if they were posing for my camera. This wide angle view took me an hour of patient waiting for just the right moment when no one was in the shot. You believe me don't you? Okay, I confess. This is a table full of the small metal models some vendors sell at car shows. I figured it was the easiest way to get a group of cars while keeping the people out!


From 2012