Photographers I Like to Follow

This page shows others sites that I check in on from time to time. Some I visit, some I have on email updates or RSS. By viewing other quality photos, your own vision improves and helps you to develop your own style.

This is a list of photographers that I enjoy visiting. Most are enthusiasts that enjoy shooting for the fun of it, much like myself. You might consider checking them out too, but don’t forget to come back soon!


I stopped listening to the radio in the car a few years ago. Now, I mostly listen to podcasts on an old iPod Nano that I use strictly for this purpose. I have learned quite a bit since then, about photography and a few other subjects. This list is what I am currently listening to, though it does change as new podcasts come and old series end. (I’ll add the links soon, but they can be found on iTunes by searching).
  • This Week in Photography
  • Improve Photography
  • The Digital Story

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