Homemade (Inexpensive) Camera Backpack

Tenba photo insert
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Lowepro Flipside 300 Review

For a recent trip to Europe, I wanted a new backpack to haul my camera gear around. I have a large Lowepro Pro Runner 350AW, but wanted something that would travel on the airplane and buses easier. We were taking a guided tour, so the backpack couldn’t be too large. The backpack had to hold a large body with a large walk-around lens, second wide-angle or telephoto zoom  lens, backup drive, LCD magnifier for video, pocket tripod, compact tripod and any miscellaneous cables, memory cards, batteries and more.

I also heard a lot about pick-pockets around the popular tourist attractions. I didn’t want someone sneaking into the bag and removing a lens in a crowed subway or museum.

After too much research, I selected the Lowepro Flipside 300.
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Benro C1692TB0 Tripod Review

Benro Travel AngelI’m hoping to take a trip to Europe later this year and wanted to carry a tripod. It’s not my intention to carry one all day, but leave it in the luggage until evening, then pull it out for night-time HDR shots. My Manfrotto weighs in at over six pounds, which was more than I wanted to carry. There is a weight limit to the luggage, and I didn’t want the tripod eating up a big portion of that. Not to mention that it is probably too long for the luggage. This started my quest for finding a smaller, light-weight travel tripod.

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Black Rapid Camera Strap

Black Rapid logoI’ve always hated carrying a camera hanging from my neck and around the front of my body. It bounces if you walk fast or run and the camera strap is always getting in the way on a vertical shot. So I took that off and switched to a small side strap that your hand goes through. I liked that a lot, but it’s not convenient for all day use. There are times you just don’t want to hold something, or you need both hands.

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Lowepro Pro Runner 350 AW

Lowe Pro Pro Runner 350AWHoping to travel more, I decided I needed a camera bag that I could take on planes and carry without killing my neck and shoulder. I have an older Tamrac camera bag that has lasted for years and liked it very much, but wanted something I could keep everything in and still take it with me.

At first, I didn’t like the idea of a backpack, but finally decided that was probably the best option. Before I would buy one, it had to meet my list of requirements. After looking at dozens of backpacks, I decided on the Lowepro “Pro Runner 350AW“. What is most unusual is that I bought it sight unseen. I’m the type of person that likes to handle the product before I purchase, but no one in town had this model. But having looked at many Lowepro bags, I knew the odds were very good it was of excellent quality.

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iPhone Photo Apps

Though this post is a bit dated now, these apps are still available and great to use..
They say the best camera to use is the one you have on you. For me, that’s my iPhone camera. I’m constantly surprised at the quality of photos you can get from such a small device. I have a few favorite photography apps that I use. Which one I use depends on my kind of subject. Like many things in photography, it’s knowing which lens or piece of equipment is the right one to use, for the results that you hope to get.


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A Few of My Favorite Online Apps


I’m not a super geek, or computer freak, but I do consider myself somewhat computer savvy. But it still surprises me how many people know very little about the power of the internet, in relation to online applications. I’m referring to the types of sites that allow you to do something that previously required application running on your desktop.

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